Auto Glass is our Specialty

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Don't let that chip in your glass stay

If you want superior glass replacement and repair service for your vehicle at an affordable price, you need to see Ark City Glass Co. Auto glass installation and repairs are our specialty. From minor chips to broken windows, we can fix it all. Give Ark City Glass Co. a call today.

A small chip in your glass can lead to big problems later if you don't have it fixed quickly. Chips lead to cracks, which lead to a fully broken window or windshield. Ark City Glass Co. can fix small chips, saving you money on larger, future repairs. Bring your auto in for service today and let us take care of that chip before it spreads.

Fix that crack before it's too late

Do you have a crack in your windshield? Cracks can lead to major problems if they aren't taken care of right away. Not only are they unsightly, cracks are potentially very dangerous.


A cracked windshield could cause serious injury and even death in an auto accident. Fix your damaged windshield today by calling Ark City Glass Co. 

Quality service just for you

Need a new window on your vehicle?

Ark City Glass Co. is the right place to call. Our qualified and professional technicians can replace any window for all makes and models of vehicles.


Don't trust just anyone when it comes to the safety of your vehicle - Ark City Glass Co. has been fixing auto glass for more than 50 years! Give us a call today for an estimate.

Auto Glass is

Our Specialty!

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